On the Isle of Man there’s never far to travel to reach either a river, reservoir or stretch of quiet coastline to enjoy a day’s peaceful fishing whilst savouring the tranquility of the Island.


Angling in the Isle of Man offers an exceptional variety of locations, from the promenade and beach, to the peace and quiet of the reservoirs dotted throughout the island and the idyllic settings of the rivers Dhoo, Neb, Silverburn, Santon and Sulby, some of which flow through the picturesque Manx national glens.

River fishing is until the end of September, reservoir fishing until the end of October, while salmon and sea-trout fishing take place mainly in late summer and autumn.

Fishing holidays have always been popular in Port Erin!

Fishing trips are one of the many tourist activities undertaken by the first Victorian tourists to Port Erin.

“Visitors wishing to beguile time cannot do better than fish in the bay, for which purpose they can hire a boat and tackle at a charge of 2s. per hour.”

from Jenkinson’s Practical Guide, 1874


By the 1940’s fishing in Port Erin was described:

“Deep-sea longline fishing and coast fishing are alike excellent, and the trout streams of Santon Burn, Colby River and Silver burn are within a few miles.”

Official Handbook of The Official Board of Advertising for The Isle of Man, 1940

A Well known local fisherman

Mr Charles Jennison Esq.

Charles Jennison (1836 – 1914)


Mr Jennison, proprietor of the famous Belle Vue Zoological Gardens in Manchester, was well known in Port Erin, where he owned a summer residence, ‘The Hut’ on the slopes of Bradda.


Many of his friends spoke of pleasurable visits spent here and of ‘thrilling experiences in deep sea fishing’. Here is an account of one of his exploits:

“Fishing about a mile out to sea off Bradda Head, Port Erin in about 25 fathoms in my small rowing boat. I hooked a conger on the fine gut & hook enclosed in about 20 months I brought him exhausted when my … may gaffed him and got him on the boat he scaled 23½ He is I think a large fish to have been landed from deep water with such fine tackle.”

Fishing exploit of Chas Jennison, Letter of 1905, Chetham’s Library, The National Archives
Manchester in the Headlines, By Steven Dickens, (2015), Google book
Port Erin Bay
There are lots of angling opportunities from within Port Erin Bay. There is good fishing from the rocks at the southern end of the bay near the breakwater. There is also access to suitable rocky areas from the lower Bradda Head footpath. You can also fish from the small jetty between the Raglan Pier and the lifeboat station, depending on the state of the tide. Typical species caught within the bay include pollack, wrasse, grey mullet, mackerel and plaice. The best fishing tends to be on the incoming tide three hours before high water, and a couple of hours after. 
Port St Mary Breakwater Mark
This breakwater, only a mile away from Falcon's Nest Hotel, offers first-class sport all year, is the only one left on the island where access is not a problem at any time. Try the back wall for wrasse and conger eels or try the front and end for coalies, mackerel and pollack. Conger eels can be taken during daylight, but the best come from the back wall at night.
Gemini Fishing Boat Charter
The Gemini is a twin engine 35 foot catamaran which makes it an excellent stable platform for all types of fishing trips. We operate weather permitting daily from Port St Mary in the Isle of Man. Fishing Trips - tackle & bait available and beginners welcome. Toilet available. Famous for cups of tea and biscuits and occasionally Beryl's Cake!!! 2 crew - Skipper Bob Taylor and usually John. 12 Passengers, all ages and skill levels welcome. Also offer bird-watching and coastal cruises around the Calf.
Fishing Tackle at Erin News
Erin News, just across the road from Falcon's Nest Hotel has a new and improved fishing department is ready to provide all your fishing needs They have rods, reels, hooks, weights, line, lures, flies, barrels, swivels, feathers, floats, rigs, jigs, nets, gloves and frozen bait. Surf rods, pier rods, boat rods, combo rods and kid's rods.
Isle of Man Angling Guide
The Angling Guide contains everything you’ll need to know about sea and freshwater angling on the Isle of Man. Whether you’re a keen angler, or a novice wanting to while away a few hours, you’ll find a range of locations for both freshwater and sea fishing. And if you’re looking for something different why not charter a boat and turn your hand to deep sea fishing where you can try your luck at catching crabs, lobster and even shark?